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森夏恩·弗林特(Sunshine Flint)|BBC 从古至今,世界上有成千上万种宗教信仰。某些城市与其居民的宗教信仰有着密不可分的联系,充满着神圣的气息。这些城市以其宗教历史、礼拜场所和神圣空间闻名于世,其连结着教友,也吸引着世界各地的信徒和游客。 Image caption 泰国清迈双龙寺(Wat Pha Lat)(图片来源:Sacha Bloor/Getty) 泰国清迈 泰国第二大城市清迈曾是独立的兰那王国首都,这个王 国曾统治着泰国的北部。清迈有成百上千座佛寺,包括著名的契迪龙寺(Wat Chedi Luang)及其损毁的佛塔(或 chedi,顶部),在那里游客用绳子将一桶水提升到佛寺顶部再倒空,就可以得到佛陀的保佑。14 世纪时,素贴山(Doi Suthep mountain)顶上的双龙寺(Wat Phra That Doi Suthep)刚好就在城外,僧人们在此为信徒和好奇者祝福,而寺庙工作人员会劝告游客们向他们生日对应的佛像做适当敬献。但清迈并非一个与世隔绝之地: 它是一个生机勃勃的大都市,到处是本地人、学生、外国人和退休者,湄滨河沿岸的市场、大街和餐厅之中到处是他们的身影。

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Singapore at a Glance

Area: 710.3 sq km Climate: Tropical. Average maximum of 31 degrees Celcius and a minimum of 23 degrees Celcius Government: Parliamentary republic Labour Force: 3.2 million as at June 2011 Population: 5.18 million as of 2011 Median Age: 38 years Life Expectancy: 81.48 years Population Growth Rate: 2.1% … Continue reading

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Statue of Liberty to Close for a Year

By JAMES BARRON and SYDNEY EMBER Published: August 10, 2011 After the 9/11 attacks, the federal government closed the Statue of Liberty National Monument, the symbol of a nation’s dreams and one of the city’s best-known and most-visited tourist attractions. … Continue reading

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Traveling Around The World

Balikpapan, Indonesia (20070504; 20080316-22; 20090317-26; 20091109-14; 20100322-31) Jakarta, Indonesia(20100331-0402) Perth, Australia (20070605-29) Adelaide,Australia (20070619-22) Dubai, UAE (20070702-27/ 20080411-20091019) Abu Dhabi, UAE (20080429-30 ) Sakhalin, Russia (20071118-30/ 20080310-14/ 20080821-0905/ 20081205-12) Incheon, Korea(20071119) Aberdeen, UK (20071217-23) London, UK (20071221,CHARING CROSS) Cambridge, UK(20071222) … Continue reading

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Dubai Marina-Shows you what life should be like

After Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubai_Marina Click here to see Dubai Marina in pictures Dubai Marina is a district in the heart of what has recently become known as ‘new Dubai’, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located at 25°4′52.86″N 55°8′38.67″E on … Continue reading

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Where I was born and grew up From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tianjin Tianjin (Chinese: 天津; pinyin: Tiānjīn; Postal map spelling: Tientsin) is a large city in northern coastal China. Administratively it is a municipality that has provincial-level status, reporting directly to the … Continue reading

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Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again

by Xu Zhimo Very quietly I take my leave As quietly as I came here; Quietly I wave good-bye To the rosy clouds in the western sky. The golden willows by the riverside Are young brides in the setting sun; … Continue reading

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