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5 Standout Things To Bring To Your Next Interview

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, MRW | April 25, 2013 2013-04-25 07:00:22 It may seem obvious. You were invited to an interview with the hiring manager or recruiter. They beckoned you because they like your resume and believe you are qualified for the … Continue reading

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框架内思维 创新更有力[CN]

最有意义的想法经常就在我们的眼皮子底下。 By DREW BOYD / JACOB GOLDENBERG|WSJ.com 大多数首席执行长(CEO)听到“创新”这个词时都会翻白眼,它让人想起这样的场景:员工们浪费数小时、甚至 数日的时间坐在豆袋椅上一边扔着飞镖,一边反复寻思着他们已经考虑过的想法。“头脑风暴”已然成了无聊和挫折的代名词. 在过去十年里,我们在世界不同地方和每一个主要行业都问过高级主管们有关创新的两个关键问题。第一个问题:“以一到十评分,创新对你公司成功的重要性有多大?”第二个问题:“以一到十评分,你对你公司的创新水平满意度度如何?” 

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Take Back Your Life in Seven Simple Steps

TONY SCHWARTZ What follows are seven steps, but you’re vastly more likely to succeed if you limit yourself to one or two at a time. 1. Start to focus on what you’re doing with your attention. You can’t change what you … Continue reading

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Test Your New Business Concept: 8 Questions

HERDING GAZELLES | Karl Stark and Bill Stewart Before spending a cent on a new investment, answer these eight questions to help you focus your idea and ensure that it can be successful. Whether you are a CEO of a successful, established … Continue reading

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Best Industries for Starting a Business in 2012

Why work around the clock to build an a company in a declining industry when you could have a much easier ride in one that’s booming? Or, to paraphrase the great investor Warren Buffett, if you put a brilliant manager … Continue reading

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Migration to UK more than double government target

BBC| http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18189797 Net migration to the UK remains more than double the government’s target of fewer than 100,000 people a year, according to new figures. In the 12 months to last September, net migration – the number arriving in the UK … Continue reading

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HOW TO: Land a Job at Google

Reblogged from Lauren Indvik@ http://mashable.com/2011/06/12/how-to-land-a-job-at-google/ This week we spoke with Bryan Power, a people operations manager at Google, for advice on getting hired by the tech giant. Power oversees sales hiring in the North and South America regions. Previously, he led recruiting … Continue reading

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股市汇市的时间之窗 [CN]

在一些股市和汇市的评论中,我们常听到时间之窗这个名词,时间之窗可能很多朋友都了解其含义,但如何正确地应用时间之窗,并不是所有朋友都了解,今天和大家谈谈时间之窗的正确应用。时间之窗是周期的一种应用方法,周期的使用,不同的学说和不同的技术分析工具都有不同的使用方法,波浪理论中应用的周期是以菲波纳奇数例为基础的,而江恩理论里面,周期的划分和应用又有他独特的界定。我们常说的时间之窗实际是波浪理论里面常用的菲波纳奇数例,菲波纳奇数例是一个最简单的数字123为基本数列的,把这个简单的数例的后两位数字不断相加, 1+2=3 2+3=5 3+5=8 5+8=13 8+13=21 13+21=34 21+34=55 34+55=89 55+89=144就可以得出菲波纳奇数例3、5、8、13、21、34、55、89、144……以至无穷。 那这个数例有什么用处呢?我们在分析价格走势时,都希望能提早发现走势的拐点,也就是顶底,而实战中,一些重要的顶对顶的时间、底对底的时间、顶对底的时间,底对顶的时间大都出现在这个数例的数字上,比如我们常看到一个价格走势的顶对应前面的一个高点经常是34天55天,或者13周21周等等,或者一个趋势从最低点启动,在13周、21周、34周或者55周的地方趋势结束。所以在一个趋势的运行过程中,我们就会密切注意那些可能出现拐点的时间,一般就把那些容易出现拐点的地方称作时间之窗,时间之窗基本上就成了菲波纳奇数例的代名词。  

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Best and Worst Jobs Rated 2012

By Victoria Brienza The world is going digital, and Software Engineers who can help with that transformation are reaping the benefits. Their pay is great, hiring demand for their skills is through the roof, and working conditions have never been … Continue reading

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Where are you on the global pay scale

BBC 29 March 2012 The average wage, calculated by the International Labour Organization, is published here for the first time. It’s a rough figure based on data from 72 countries, omitting some of the world’s poorest nations. All figures are adjusted … Continue reading

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