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How to Work the Phone

By Geoffrey James When you can’t meet in person, use these 6 rules to build rapport and communicate more clearly. The telephone has been in existence for 136 years, but the way some people use it, you’d think it was invented … Continue reading

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by University of Cambridge Counselling Service Awkward situations are an inevitable part of all our lives: a flatmate leaves their dishes filling the kitchen sink; a friend is repeatedly late; a supervisor gives back work without any comments on it; … Continue reading

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How to Fix Your Presentations

By Geoffrey James | http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/how-to-fix-your-presentations.html If you want your audience to make a decision, you need to tell a good story. Here’s how to avoid Death by PowerPoint. Most business presentations are as boring as watching paint dry … in slow motion.  If … Continue reading

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Make a Good Impression in 30 Seconds

by RON ASHKENAS|http://blogs.hbr.org/ashkenas/2012/02/make-a-good-impression-in-30-s.html Here in the U.S., the Super Bowl this weekend showed us the power of 30-second advertisements, and how influential they can be in promoting a company’s awareness. But how often do we craft our own 30-second spots with audiences that we … Continue reading

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What people want from technology

What people want from technology is usually pretty clear… People love huge open libraries of music, books and video. They don’t like censorship and legal landmines that get you sued for making amazing things. They love privacy and open platforms … Continue reading

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The Interview Question You Should Always Expect

by John Lees | http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/11/the_interview_question_you_sho.html Whether you are a new middle manager or a new President-elect, the common wisdom is that you have three months to make an impact in your new role. And yet when preparing for job interviews, candidates … Continue reading

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