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The ThemeShaper WordPress Theme Tutorial: 2nd Edition

Originally posted on ThemeShaper:
Preface Many of you have written or commented to tell us how much you liked Ian Stewart’s original tutorial, “How To Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial”. You’ll be happy to learn that…

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The financial gamble of working abroad

By Alina Dizik| In January last year, Rebecca Self found her salary had dropped by almost 30% pretty much overnight. It wasn’t from a demotion, cost-cutting or a corporate restructure – Self’s pay packet was slashed by a shift in … Continue reading

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Grant SD card access on Android 5.0

An app attempting to write to the SD on an Android 5.0 device will prompt you to grant access. Then select the card. Don’t navigate down into any subfolder. You MUST select the top-level root folder of the SD card. … Continue reading

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森夏恩·弗林特(Sunshine Flint)|BBC 从古至今,世界上有成千上万种宗教信仰。某些城市与其居民的宗教信仰有着密不可分的联系,充满着神圣的气息。这些城市以其宗教历史、礼拜场所和神圣空间闻名于世,其连结着教友,也吸引着世界各地的信徒和游客。 Image caption 泰国清迈双龙寺(Wat Pha Lat)(图片来源:Sacha Bloor/Getty) 泰国清迈 泰国第二大城市清迈曾是独立的兰那王国首都,这个王 国曾统治着泰国的北部。清迈有成百上千座佛寺,包括著名的契迪龙寺(Wat Chedi Luang)及其损毁的佛塔(或 chedi,顶部),在那里游客用绳子将一桶水提升到佛寺顶部再倒空,就可以得到佛陀的保佑。14 世纪时,素贴山(Doi Suthep mountain)顶上的双龙寺(Wat Phra That Doi Suthep)刚好就在城外,僧人们在此为信徒和好奇者祝福,而寺庙工作人员会劝告游客们向他们生日对应的佛像做适当敬献。但清迈并非一个与世隔绝之地: 它是一个生机勃勃的大都市,到处是本地人、学生、外国人和退休者,湄滨河沿岸的市场、大街和餐厅之中到处是他们的身影。

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Making a Diamond Purchase

By Alina Dizik|BBC What you need to know Get certified: Certificates from the Gemological Institute of America, American Gem Society and European Gemological Laboratory ensure quality and verify cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. Check the return policy: Not all … Continue reading

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一、品种介绍 1、投资品种 (1)实物金 实金买卖包括金条、金币和金饰等交易,以持有黄金作为投资。可以肯定其投资额较高,实质回报率虽与其他方法相同,但涉及的金额一定会较低(因为投资的资金不会发挥杠杆效应),而且只可以在金价上升之时才可以获利。一般的饰金买入及卖出价的差额较大,视作投资并不适宜,金条及金币由于不涉及其他成本,是实金投资的最佳选择。但需要注意的是持有黄金并不会产生利息收益。   

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Lessons Learned From A 9/11 Survivor

Originally posted on Nitty Gritty Dirt Man:
September 8th was Joe’s birthday, and we headed into NYC to celebrate.  We did the same thing eleven years ago, and on that particular day, the air had the first hints of autumn…

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Originally posted on Foie Gras Chick:
With Labor Day weekend behind us, routines and activities have come back to their normal hum. Fresh school supplies, a cup of joe before dashing out the door for work, listening to the morning…

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Dissing the Disinformation

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The Psychological Power of Storytelling

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