Hong Kong lawmakers reject Beijing poll plan

Pro-democracy protesters

Legislators in Hong Kong have rejected a controversial Beijing-backed election reform package that sparked mass protests last year.

The reforms would have given Hong Kong voters the right to choose their leader for the first time in 2017.  Continue reading

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Best Free CMS

By by chris.p |techsupportalert.com

A website CMS (content management system or systems) is a server program that creates a website without any pages pre-existing on the server. It interacts with a database, and builds the pages on-the-fly when requested by a browser, using text and publishing instructions from the database. Images or other content are added into the resulting pages from the usual folders on the server, and the page layout is based on a template. As there are no pages on the server, there is normally a cache (a ‘memory pool’), so that if a page has been requested recently it can be delivered directly from memory and does not need to be built again. Pages are normally built in a fraction of a second in any case.

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How to build and host a website for free II

By chris.p | techsupportalert.com

Part 2 – Building a small site the easy way

First steps
Let’s start with the assumption that you’re going to build a simple site with a few pages for your family, or a local group that has a fairly simple agenda. In this case we can use the normal web page type of site, and there’ll be maybe 10 pages or less. This will be what is called an HTML site / a flat site / a hard-coded site / a hand-coded site.

As we saw in Part 1, you will need to do these things:

– buy a domain name
– choose a web page editor
– build the site
– choose a host
– upload the pages to the server   Continue reading

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How to build and host a website for free I

By chris.p | techsupportalert.com

– a multi-part series on creating your first website –

Part 1 – Your Website … The Big Decisions

Decisions to make
Creating a site
Flat and dynamic sites
Domain names
Lots of people need to have a website now, but apart from “What will it cost?”, there are two major hurdles to get over first:

– what’s it all about and how do I do it?
– where do I find all the kit I need?

OK, well, we’ll try and distill a ton of knowledge into a very short space here. It can’t be that short, though, ’cause it took about 10 years to learn it!
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“911百万富翁”,人们经常这样描述阿富汗企业家法西姆·哈什米(Fahim Hashimy)。哈什米靠战争年代向美国人供货发家致富,他谦逊地形容,自己的家产“规模不大”。



现在,35岁的哈什米统领商业帝国“哈什米集团”,每年营业额超过2亿美元,旗下包括阿富汗最大的电视台1TV、运输、建筑公司等。他还在2013年创建廉价航空公司“东方地平线”。 Continue reading

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MetaTarder 4 build 600 features the new structure and location of the client terminal files. Now, MQL4 applications are placed in separate directories according to the program type (Expert Advisors, indicators or scripts). In most cases, the terminal data is now stored in a special data folder separated from the terminal installation location. In this article, we will describe in details how data is transferred, as well as the reasons for introducing the new storage system.

Why Has the New Data Storage System Been Implemented

Microsoft Windows XP released 13 years ago allows applications to write their own data at the place of their installation even if the latter took place in Program Files system folder. A user should only have an administrator permission to write data to any folder. Continue reading

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Lee Kuan Yew: Life in pictures


Lee Kuan Yew (5 Jan 1969)
January 1969

Lee Kuan Yew – known almost universally as LKY – is considered the founding father of modern Singapore, and has been the point around which politics in the city-state has revolved for nearly five decades.

But Singapore’s stability and growth have been achieved in part through its only cursory nod towards democracy, and a determined quashing of dissent and free speech. As news emerges that “The Old Man” has died at the age of 91, the BBC looks back at some key images from his life.   Continue reading

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How to Move an Outlook Offline Data File (*.ost)

By Diane Poremsky |slipstick.com

Moving the offline cache so its easier to back it up is generally pointless: it’s an offline copy of your Exchange mailbox and it can only be opened by the account that created it. If you try to use an old cache file, Outlook will complain that it doesn’t match the server mailbox. If the server fails and there is no server backup, the contents of the current, most up-to-date *.ost should be used to repopulate the server. In short, if you want a usable backup of your mailbox, export the contents to a *.pst file instead of including the *.ost in a backup file.

If you need to recover data from an orphaned ost file, I have a list of commercial recovery software listed at Convert an Offline File (.ost) to a Personal File (.pst)

With that disclaimer out of the way, if you do need to relocate the offline file, you can move it using the following steps.

If you are moving an .ost file, you need to create the ForceOSTPath registry value before adding the account to your profile. Continue reading

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How to Move Outlook IMAP or EAS Data Files

By Diane Poremsky|slipstick.com

Applies to: Microsoft Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003

That method is used to move *.pst files used by POP3 accounts, it won’t work with the IMAP protocol. (Actually, it’s not recommended that you use that method for any PST – you should move the PST then point the profile to the new location before opening Outlook.)

Use ForcePSTPath registry value to relocate Outlook 2013 IMAP and EAS .ost data files.

While I don’t recommend moving the IMAP *.pst unless your drive space is tight, you can move the IMAP *.pst using the following steps. You cannot reuse an IMAP data file with a different profile. Continue reading

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Stop RSS Feeds on Win Live Mail

WL Mail will retrieve RSS feeds that you have subscribed to in Internet
Explorer. Here is How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to a RSS Feed in Internet Explorer.

EXAMPLE: Subscribed RSS Feeds in Internet Explorer
NOTE: To see your list of available RSS feeds in Internet Explorer, click/tap on the Favorites star toolbar button to the right of the tabs, and click/tap on the Feeds tab.

Name:  Feeds_Example.jpg Views: 1881 Size:  38.2 KB

To Subscribe to a RSS Feed in Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer. Continue reading

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