Top 5 Things Every Immigrant Should Know Before Heading to the U.S.| By: Valerie Johnston

Immigrating to the U.S. just became a lot harder for many with President Trump’s newly enacted policies. But that doesn’t mean that many millions of people won’t still give it a shot. Here are the top five things that everyone should know before they immigrate to the U.S.

  1. You’ll have to pay for your visa.

Many immigrants believe that getting married to a U.S. citizen, or meeting some other requirement for U.S. citizenship, means that they will have an unrestricted passage into the country. However, there are still some very high costs associated with getting the visa to enter the country, even if you are married or otherwise eligible for citizenship.

  1. Health care is unlike any in the world – but not necessarily in a good way.

While you’ll find some of the world’s top specialists in America, accessing them is not easy. The country relies on an expensive insurance program, rather than any state-run health care similar to most other developed countries. Expect to have to pay for an ambulance ride in an emergency as well.

  1. Tipping is the norm almost everywhere.

Restaurants, salons, cabs, bartenders, tattoo artists, or almost any other service industry you can name, typically expects customers to tip – and they pay their staff accordingly. Between 10% to 25% is normal for most situations.

  1. Public transportation is not the norm.

Don’t immigrate to any U.S. city outside of New York, LA, or San Francisco, and expect to find convenient public transportation. In almost every other area, you’ll need a car to get around unless you don’t plan to stray far from home.

  1. You’ll have to go searching to keep up with the news.

American news is very localized. When you turn on the TV, or even if you use a location-based news app, you’ll get dozens of stories that apply only to where you are immediately. Keeping up with the state of the country or the world will take effort.

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