Top Companies for Culture & Values


Want to work for a company where employees are satisfied with the culture and values? Glassdoor has announced its report of the Top 25 Companies for Culture & Values, based on workplace insights shared by the people who know companies best — the employees. The following companies stand out for high culture & values ratings and insightful reviews.

1. Twitter   4.5

The best place I have ever worked. 

Amazing culture. I love how the 10 core values drive the company to always be better.

2. Edelman 4.4

“The only agency I will ever work for.”
Opportunities are everywhere and the culture is laid back and fun.

3.  Google 4.4

“An Amazing Company to Work For.”
The culture is amazing too. Each employee does not mind helping the other out if they are stuck.

4.  Riverbed Technology  4.3

“A wonderful company that respects the hard work of its employees”
Culture is great and this is exemplified by the CEO, great benefits and…

5.  Facebook  4.3

“Transparency. Trust. Compassion. Food.”
Facebook truly values the important things in life. The culture and dialog is open about…

6. Southwest Airlines 4.3

“The People, Culture and benefits are great”
The people are friendly and helpful. The culture fosters hard work and fun.

7.  Chick-fil-A  4.3

“Great Company. Great People.”
Good leadership. Company makes decisions based on good principles.

8. National Instruments 4.2

“Great place to start your career”
The culture is one of a kind and you can be creative in how you do your job.

9. Chevron  4.2

“The Chevron Way makes a difference”
Chevron “walks the talk” regarding our values and the Chevron Way.

10. H E B 4.2

“A great place to work.”
The culture is very worker friendly and they always strive to do the right thing.

11.  Intuit 4.1

12. Wegmans 4.1

13. CDW 4.1

14. Genentech 4.1

15. Apple 4.1

16. NIKE 4.1

17. Walt Disney Company 4.1

18.  USAA 4.0

19. Citrix Systems  4.0

20. Adobe 4.0

21. Procter & Gamble 4.0

22. REI 4.0

23.  Discover 4.0

24. Progressive Insurance 3.9

25. NetApp 3.8

Ratings Scale: 3.51–4.0 = “Satisfied” 4.01–5.0 = “Very Satisfied”
Note: Based on ratings between 7/22/13 – 7/21/14
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