Toxic pesticides used to keep ginger fresh in China

China Daily Mail

According to a special report by Hong Kong’s Ming Pao, after the scandal in Qingzhou, Shandong of keeping cabbage fresh by formaldehyde, a toxic chemical that may cause cancer, another food scandal emerged there yesterday. Mainland media exposed that the vegetable farmers there used toxic pesticide 666 powder and DDVP to keep ginger fresh.

Vegetable farmers revealed on their own their common practice in using toxic pesticide 666 and DDVP to keep ginger fresh for a long time so as to wait for the good time of sale at a good price. The news has roused public outcry. People are concerned “how many default rules there are” in keeping vegetable fresh.

Some vegetable farmers at Shipu Village, Dongxia Town, Qingzhou City said that as the ginger price is only 0.30 yuan (US$0.05) a catty (500 grams) in October when it is fresh on the market, they store…

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