Japanese democracy: Govt likely to restart all reactors, public opinion irrelevant


Those who follow events in Japan might recall the meetings between Prime Minister Noda and Yukio Edano, Minister of Economy – among others. The discussions have dealt with convincing the Japanese public that restarting nuclear power plants is a necessity (1 of 54 is running). There has been some talk of possible power shortages – as there was last year. Interestingly, the massive blackouts the government and nuclear power companies had predicted in 2011 never materialised. They never expected them to. Now, as Japan is on the verge of going a summer without nuclear power, there is a massive propaganda campaign to restart them.

The greatest focus has been on “local approval” or “local understanding,” which is code for ensuring nobody disagrees with Japanese politicians/business publicly. This helps to solidify the narrative that only crazies or left-wing nuts complain – since everyone else “understands” and shuts up – and allows…

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