Lesson 1: Getting started

Beginner C++

Today I begin to teach some basic C++. If you want to know my motivations, check out my About page or email me. Otherwise, let’s get started.

Today’s lesson is very basic. We will get an IDE, set up a template file, and see what each part means.

First things first, we will need an IDE, or integrated development environment. These amass several tools we will need into one program: a text editor, to type the code; a compiler, which converts the ASCII values on screen into binary; and a debugger, which checks the written code for syntax errors. There are countless good, free IDE’s out there; a quick google search should find you one. I personally use Bloodshed’s DEV C++, which can be found here.

Once you get one downloaded and installed, create a folder in which to save all your files; it quickly becomes important that everything…

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