Life Upgrades

Moment Matters

These upgrades made our lives better.

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Find a need, and fill it. I believe in that adage in business. People should have a purpose in designing a product for sell. Hopefully, that purpose will cater to man’s needs. There is a branch of science, called ergonomics, aimed at improving human interaction through product innovation. There are numerous upgrades that already made our lives better. Here are five:

eReader –  iBooks, Kindle, Barnes & Noble

As much as I will miss the smell of paper on books, I savor the benefits of eReading. My ebooks are on my tablet, accessible wherever I go. Font face and color are adjustable depending on my preference, all conductive to better reading.

Text Messaging – eMail, BBM, iMessanger

Remember postal mail? That’s when you write a message to paper, address it to someone, go to postal office, pay the fee and they will…

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