“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen: A Study in Love!

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Jane Austen’s intention in Pride and Prejudice is to present a comedy of manners, the follies and vices of men and to expose them to ridicule by employing into the devices of comedy, parody, irony, wits, satire or may be each one of them as it is suitable for the occasion. Her characters are obvious from the very beginning. She touches the humorous side of almost every scene. Imagine a picnic scene in Emma or a proposal scene in Pride and Prejudice. In all her novels, she mocked, ridiculed but never made it funny.

Jane Austen’s domestic novels are wealthy for character studies. They are not equally same, those of women are more intelligent and life-like than those of men. Realism in Austen is more psychological than that of Pamela by Samuel Richardson. Austen’s are free from the tragic obsessions. A comic view of life informs Austen’s art of characterization. Comic characters…

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