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How to Work the Phone

By Geoffrey James When you can’t meet in person, use these 6 rules to build rapport and communicate more clearly. The telephone has been in existence for 136 years, but the way some people use it, you’d think it was invented … Continue reading

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Life Facts: 1912 and 2012

Originally posted on Moment Matters:
Life Facts: 1912 and 2012 by Diana Leagh Matthews of ALookThruTime Photo from photoXpress Facts in 1910-1920 • Population: 92,407,000 • Life Expectancy: Male 48.4 Female: 51.8 • Average Salary $750 / year • The Ziegfeld…

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Chocolate lovers are thinner, study says

By Janice Lloyd, USA TODAY Sweet news about those chocolate cravings: People who eat moderate amounts regularly are thinner than those who eat chocolate less often. The new research involved 1,018 healthy men and women, who exercised on average 3.6 … Continue reading

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Where Jobs Are (and Aren’t) Growing in US

Rust Belt cities have picked up the recovery pace, while some cities in New York and Illinois are struggling By DANIELLE KURTZLEBEN The Rust Belt may be shaking off the rust caused by the Great Recession. Unemployment rates have fallen in … Continue reading

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Fewer PR children in top schools after P1 rule change

SINGAPORE: The more popular primary schools may have fewer Permanent Resident (PR) children from now on, said observers. They said this is one possible outcome, following the government’s move to tighten the Primary One (P1) registration exercise. Under the change … Continue reading

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Consumer Report: Best and Worst Cars for 2012

A redesigned, significantly improved Camry Hybrid has helped Toyota capture five of the 10 spots on this year’s Top Picks list. The other Toyotas that made the cut are the Prius hybrid, the Highlander and RAV4 SUVs, and the Sienna minivan. This is the first time since 2003 that … Continue reading

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Lesson 1: Getting started

Originally posted on Beginner C++:
Today I begin to teach some basic C++. If you want to know my motivations, check out my About page or email me. Otherwise, let’s get started. Today’s lesson is very basic. We will get an…

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Looking for an IT Job in North America? Check out this great graphic.

Originally posted on The Data Warrior:
I try not to repost too many things but I got this in my inbox this morning and was so impressed with the graphic used for conveying the information I could not resist (visualization anyone?). Plus…

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David Copperfield (novel by Charles Dickens)

The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery (Which He Never Meant to Publish on Any Account),[1] commonly referred to as David Copperfield, is the eighth novel by Charles Dickens, first published as a novel in 1850. Like … Continue reading

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Global Trend Indicators

Originally posted on Global Macro Monitor:
(click here if tables are not observable)

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