Create a Calendar with MS Excel

  • To generate a calendar, we need to know the year. Lets say the year is in cell A1.
  • Now, for each of the 12 months – Jan thru Dec, we need to know what is the “first weekday” and “how many days” are there in that month.
  • This is very simple to find, we can use formulas like =WEEKDAY(DATE(A1,1,1)) and =DATE(A1,2,1)-DATE(A1,1,1)
  • Now, make a grid of 6 rows by 7 columns – something like this –
    How to make a calendar - Excel
  • Show blanks until we reach the first date’s weekday.
  • Start showing numbers in increasing order.
  • Once you reach the number of days in that month, show blanks again.
  • Repeat this process for all the 12 months. Neatly arrange the grids so they look like a calendar.
  • That is all!
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