Police Cleared Zuccotti Park and Arrested Protesters in the Dark

Nov. 15 Police arrested nearly 200 protesters during a sweep of Zuccotti Park. Just after midnight, hundreds of officers arrived at the park, where they set up bright klieg lights. Through multiple bullhorns, the police issued an ultimatum: Get out of Zuccotti or get arrested. Some protesters grabbed valuables and slipped away. But others resisted. They stood in a tight ring in the center of the park and locked elbows. Some used bicycle locks and chained themselves together. About 1 a.m. the police entered the park and removed tents, tarp-covered bundles and other belongings, which were fed into garbage trucks. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg defended his decision to clear the park, saying “health and safety conditions became intolerable.” After the sweep, one group of protesters briefly occupied a lot owned by Trinity Church a mile north, at Canal Street, until they were flushed out. Another group returned to Zuccotti, awaiting the outcome of a court hearing on a restraining order against the eviction. Later in the afternoon, a judge ruled that the city had the right to enforce rules against camping in the park. It was not immediately clear if the ruling would lead to the reopening of the park, which had been barricaded since the ouster.

Public Opinion on the Occupy Movement


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