Sync documents in Windows Mobile

Here are some ways that you get Microsoft Office documents onto your phone:

•Attach an Office document to an email message and send it to yourself. You can then download the attached Office document on your phone.
•From your PC, upload the Office document to Windows Live SkyDrive, and then from your phone, download it using the web browser. You can then open the document in the appropriate Office Mobile application.

Note: Microsoft Office documents can’t be synced directly from your computer to your phone using a USB connection.  To download a Microsoft Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document from Windows Live SkyDrive to your phone

1.On Start, tap Internet Explorer .
2.To ensure that you’re going to the mobile version of the site, tap More , tap Settings, tap Mobile version under Website preference, and then press the Back button.
3.Tap the address bar, type, and then tap Go .
4.Enter your Windows Live ID and password, and then tap Sign in.
5.Tap the document, tap Download, and then tap the document to open it on your phone.
6.To save a copy of the document on your phone, tap More > Save as.
7.Type a file name in the File name box, and then tap Save.

The document isn’t synced, so any changes you make in one copy of the document won’t appear in the other.

What is Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile?

SharePoint Workspace Mobile is part of Microsoft Office Mobile. It is located in the Office hub on your Windows Phone. With it you can access sites that are using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 technology, such as a SharePoint site and the document libraries, lists, and documents that are on it. You can open and edit Microsoft Office documents that are on a SharePoint site on your phone, and then make and save changes back to the SharePoint site for others to see.

SharePoint Workspace Mobile also helps to make sure that the latest copies of documents you care about on the SharePoint site are on your phone, so you have the most up-to-date version. 
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