Ad hoc configuration in WinXP


Configuration on host notebook

First, right click to Wireless icon then view all available network.
Next, click “Change advanced settings” then select “Wireless Networks” panel.
Next, remove all preferred networks then click add.

Fill Network name (SSID) with whatever name you want.
Next, select “open” for Network Authentication and select “Disable” for Data encryption.
Do not forget to check the “This is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network; access point are not used”.

Done, you’ve create a ad hoc host, next you need is to set the static ip for the wireless to the same network with the other notebook client, and then just wait for the client to connect.

Configuration for the client notebook

First remove all preferred network then use the same network ip for the wireless and then check if there is available network you’ve configured before (SSID you’ve set before) in the wireless network list, connect to it then you are done.

Once again this post just based on my experience, for the official articles try read:

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