To ace the Certified in Production and Inventory Management Basics of Supply Chain Management is difficult, here are 10 tips I have so you can Ace the test.

1. Know the APICS Dictionary. Knowing this terminology when reading each test questions will be essential to understanding the questions and getting the question correct! If you are an APICS member you can get a free copy of the dictionary.

2. Make sure to study important APICS books like “Introduction to Materials Management” by Arnold and the APICS OMBOC. These books are listed as important references in the CPIM exam content manual for the BSCM. I found alot of value in the Introduction to Materials Management especially for the BSCM test, although it can also be helpful in other CPIM exams.

3. Map out your study schedule- simply walking into a CPIM exam thinking you will pass is almost certain failure. Dedicate an hour each day to study and prepare for your next test.

4. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test. If you party all night before your test you will not be 100% prepared walking into the test. Arrive early so you are not rushing to get into the test.

5. Have some life experience in Basics of Supply Chain Management before taking the test. Life experience is something you can not get from a book. Working in a supply chain environment will give you the experience necessary to pass the exams.

6. Use a CPIM test simulation software like professional test pro’s CPIM simulation software so you can practice in a simulated environment before you go and take the real test. Answering CPIM questions similar to the actual exam will give you the peace of mind that you will be able to pass the test. Don’t take the test until you score above 78% on the simulation CPIM tests. You only need ~70% to pass each test, but you will want some extra padding before actually walking into the real test for the first time.

7. Read and re-read the CPIM exam content manual. This will give you the content for the exam along with some sample questions. This small booklet will be the core subject areas that each test will cover. Knowing these subject areas can focus your studying so you can pass the next test you are preparing for.

8. Use time management in your test. Don’t spend an hour trying to solve one question forcing you to rush through the last 10 questions. Mark any question you are having troubles with and come back to it later if you have time. Your test simulation software can help you practice this time management.

9. Read the questions carefully. Some qualifying words APICS use are most, least, except, or not. These are important words in order for you can answer the questions properly.

10. Take your time. This is a big test to get through. Focus on one question at a time.


Q: What is the passing rate in APICS CPIM exams in India?
A: The passing rates for APICS CPIM exams in India as against global average of approximately
65% are:
Year   BSCM   DSP      ECO     MPR     SMR     Overall
2008 78.12% 75.62% 78.19% 74.04% 66.67% 75.49%
2009 78.72% 75.08% 72.07% 78.52% 62.56% 75.52%
2010 78.15% 68.93% 70.78% 75.21% 50.00% 71.02%

Q: What is the difference between APICS and AST&L certification programs?
A: While APICS certification programs are more tilted towards materials management aspects of
supply chain management and operations management, AST&L programs are more tilted
towards logistics and transportation management aspects of the supply chain management. It
is obviously better that an individual demonstrates knowledge of all aspects.

Q: What is the highest academic qualification level of APICS CPIM certification candidates in
A: As per 2010 data, approximately 1.5% have diploma, 62.85% have bachelor’s degree,
35.55% have master’s degree, and rest have doctorate.

Q: What is the academic background of APICS CPIM certification candidates in India?
A: As per 2010 data, approximately 62.66% are with engineering education, 21.9% with
management education,

Q: What percentage of individuals is sponsored by their companies for CPIM?
A: Approximately 26.24% individuals were sponsored by their companies in 2010.

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  1. Diwakar says:

    Thanks for your help, i hope this will help me in my coming BSCM exam on 14th sep

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