New Concept English


Longman New Concept English by L. G. Alexander is a popular English language textbook. The course was first published on October 30, 1967. A later (1993) revised edition is also available.

The course consists of four components:
The Students’ Book
The Teacher’s Book
A set of cassettes, on which the multi-purpose texts have been recorded.
Another set of cassettes, on which Repetition drill in the Teacher’s Book has been recorded.

Book 1: First Things First

This book is for beginners who learn English. The stories are funny and easy to learn.

Book 2: Practice and Progress

1 A private conversation
2 Breakfast or lunch?
3 Please send me a card
4 An exciting trip
5 No wrong numbers
6 Percy Buttons
7 Too late
8 The best and the worst
9 A cold welcome
10 Not for Jazz
11 One good turn deserves another
12 Goodbye and good luck
13 The Greenwood Boys
14 Do you speak English
15 Good news
16 A polite request
17 Always young
18 He often does this
19 Sold out
20 One man in a boat
21 Mad or not
22 A glass envelope
23 A new house
24 It could be worse
25 Do the English speak English
26 The best art critics
27 A wet night
28 No parking
29 Taxi
30 Football or polo
31 Success story
32 Shopping made easy
33 Out of the darkness
34 Quick work
35 Stop thief
36 Across the channel
37 The Olympic Games
38 Everything except the weather
39 Am I all right?
40 Food and talk
41 Do you call that a hat?
42 Not very musical
43 Over the South Pole
44 Through the forest
45 A clear conscience
46 Expensive and uncomfortable
47 A thirsty ghost
48 Did you want to tell me something?
49 The end of a dream
50 Taken for a ride
51 Reward for a virtue
52 A pretty carpet
53 Hot snake
54 Sticky fingers
55 Not a gold mine
56 Faster than sound!
57 Can I help you, madam?
58 A blessing in disguise
59 In or out
60 The future
61 Trouble with the Hubble
62 After the fire
63 She was not amused
64 The Channel Tunnel
65 Jumbo versus the police
66 Sweet as honey!
67 Volcanoes
68 Persistent
69 But not murder!
70 Red for danger
71 A famous clock
72 A car called Bluebird
73 The record-holder
74 Out of the limelight
75 SOS
76 April fool’s day
77 A successful operation
78 The last one
79 By air
80 The Crystal Palace
81 Escape
82 Monster or fish
83 After the elections
84 On strike
85 Never too old to learn
86 Out of control
87 A perfect alibi
88 Trapped in a mine
89 A slip of the tongue
90 What’s for supper?
91 Three men in a basket
92 Asking for trouble
93 A noble gift
94 Future champions
95 A fantasy
96 The dead return

Book 3: Developing Skills

At this level,there is less need for pattern control and contextualization. Now that the foundations have been laid,the student is in a position to cope with new sentence patterns as and when they occur.

1 A Puma at large
2 Thirteen equals one
3 An unknown goddess
4 The double life of Alfred Bloggs
5 The facts
6 Smash-and-grab
7 Mutilated ladies
8 A famous monastery
9 Flying cats
10 The loss of Titanic
11 Not guilty
12 Life on a desert island
13 It’s only me
14 A noble gangster
15 Fifty pence worth of trouble
16 Mary had a little lamb
17 The longest suspension bridge in the world
18 Electric currents in modern art
19 A very dear cat
20 Pioneer pilots
21 Daniel Mendoza
22 By heart
23 One man’s meat is another man’s poison
24 A skeleton in the cupboard
25 The Cutty Sark
26 Wanted: a large biscuit tin
27 Nothing to sell and nothing to buy
28 Five pounds too dear
29 Funny or not?
30 The death of a ghost
31 A lovable eccentric
32 A lost ship
33 A day to remember
34 A happy discovery
35 Justice was done
36 A chance in a million
37 The Westhaven Express
38 The first calendar
39 Nothing to worry about
40 Who’s who
41 Illusions of Pastoral peace
42 Modern Cavemen
43 Fully insured
44 Speed and comfort
45 The power of press
46 Do it yourself
47 Too high a price?
48 The silent village
49 The Ideal Servant
50 New Year Resolutions
51 Predicting the future
52 Mud is mud
53 In the public interest
54 Instinct or cleverness?
55 From the earth: greatings
56 Our neighbour, the river
57 Back in, the old country
58 A little spot of bother
59 Collecting
60 Too early and too late

Book 4: Fluency in English

This volume includes 48 lessons. The materials were chosen from a variety of publications. Nine of the lessons were selected from The Listener.

Click here for study materials of New Concept English I-IV ( .m4b audio for iPhone and GOM player plus text+ pdf books)

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