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This article is about the song by Enigma. For the 2001 film, see Return to Innocence (film).
“Return to Innocence” is a 1994 song created by the musical group Enigma. The single was the first from their chart-topping second album, The Cross of Changes.
It became one of the project’s most popular international singles, peaking at number 1 in over 10 countries (including Greece, Norway, Sweden in Europe), 2 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart and number 4 on the Hot 100 in the US, number 3 on the UK Singles Chart, the Top 5 in Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands and Switzerland, and the Top 10 in Italy and France.


In the song, the main vocals are provided by Angel X (Andreas Harde), while the aboriginal Taiwanese chant was sampled from the “Jubilant Drinking Song” without the singers’ permission. Kuo Ying-nan (born Difang Duana) (郭英男) and Kuo Hsiu-chu (郭秀珠), both Amis, were in a cultural exchange program in Paris, France, Europe in 1988, when their performance of the song was recorded by the Maison des Cultures du Monde and made into a CD. The producer of Enigma, Michael Cretu, later obtained the CD and proceeded to sample it. In addition, the drum beat of the song was sampled from the Led Zeppelin song “When the Levee Breaks”.[citation needed]
In 1996, the song was further popularized when it was used in a television advertisement to promote the 1996 Summer Olympics which were being held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, North America.
In March 1998, Kuo Ying-nan and Kuo Hsiu-chu sued Cretu, Virgin Records, and a number of recording companies for unauthorised usage of their song without credit. The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money and all further releases of the song were credited (including royalties) to the Kuos. Cretu has stated that he had been led to believe that the recording was in the public domain, and that he did not intentionally violate the Kuos’ copyright. [1]
The music video for the song was filmed in Málaga, Spain, Europe, where Cretu also lives. The video shows a man’s life going in reverse, starting with him dying (the scene was probably influenced by the 1930 Alexander Dovzhenko film Earth [2]) and ending with his birth, where he returns back to innocence (see here).
“Return to Innocence” has been used in the 1994 movie Exit to Eden and the 1995 movie, Man of the House. It also featured prominently in an episode of The Outer Limits entitled “The Conversion”. It has also been used in an episode of My So-Called Life called “The Zit” and a 2006 episode of the tv series Cold Case.

Enigma singles chronology

“Carly’s Song” (1993) .   “Return to Innocence” (1993).  “The Eyes of Truth” (1994)
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